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Grapevine Kaleidoscope

This Grapevine Kaleidoscope features one liquid filled cell filled with bunches of green, purple and red grapes, corkscrews, tendrils, leaves and colorful beads.  The colorful images shown are the different views you will see within that one cell.

Looking for unique wine gifts?  This grapevine themed kaleidoscope is a perfect wine gift and will be enjoyed for years.  The view is amazing! You will feel like you are in the wine country. 

The wine kaleidoscope measures approximately 8 1/4" by 2 3/4". The grapevine base (which varies) measures approximately 8” by 12”. Both the scope body and the vine are adorned with crystal grapes. The body of the scope is powder coated in a deep purple and rests against a piece of old grapevine. The scope has a 2 mirror 5 point star with a 3 diopter magnifying lens.

This kaleidoscope is a Judith Paul collectible.

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